Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I THINK MY BF/GF MIGHT BE CHEATING ON ME - perkara paling shibaii!

well i say :-

don't run away from her/him - walk away... she'll/he'll probably try to follow you. (kalau anda bertuah,kalau tidak.. mmg dia tak heran la) but don't look back..as you walk away, your wall will get taller and stronger. then when the time comes and the right person comes along, you can take down your wall - because getting cheated on is the worst of the worst.... and no one - absolutely no one should experience that.

you're not a stoopid lovesick doormat who she/he or (shall i say THAT BASTARD) can walk all over. INGAT NI OKEH??


Aziah said...

I dont understand english.

wanie said...

aziah : hahahhahaahhahaha. benci aku

Kak Yah confused said...

actually, entry ni untuk sapa or nak kenakan sapa?

Bukan aku kan..

wanie said...

apa laa kakyah ni,entri ni sbenarnya a reminder to myself pun yer..

i've been thru once and i'm not going thru it twice.. aiceehhhhh..