Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25th Jan 2009

alhamdullilah,semuanya dah selesai.. which means one down and one more to go,insyallah masih berdoa untuk yang terbaik..

on a personal note i would like to thank :

  1. ayah and mama (from A to Z for a wonderful majlis)
  2. my family and extended family esp adik and mubaraq
  3. julie,maksu and chuck for treating me like a princess,hehe
  4. joii,izzah and pek yang sanggup bangun awal..
  5. my friends who came,I LOVE YOU GUYS TO DEATH!! i seriously do,u guys are the best!
  6. all the wishes that were sent to me via fb,myspace,sms,calls.. and sorry to those i didn't reply.. sangat busy,penat and credit abis.. hehe
  7. all the guests for make it happen

and last but not least : MUHAMMAD FAIRUZ,chenta hati.. thank you for everything sayang. nothing compares to you,I LOVE YOU!

and i am officially ENGAGED.. huuhuhu gediks kan?

*tapi masih brutal beb.. tgk cara gelak laa kan? hahaha

*thank you so much guys.. sayang gila kat korang!


kak yah.. said...

sory yang tak datang ari tu. Sedey aku tak dapat tgk wanie make up. by the way, terserlah kejelitaan mu.


wanie said...

kak yah : soccayh..
paham je sbb cuti panjang kan..

thanks nways!!

melodramatica said...
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dong gemok said...

takleh mkn piza dahhhh

wanie said...

melo : thanks :)

dong : hahahaha, apa pulak.. ada lagi laaa.. mesti ada nya.. :p

bungaditepijalan said...

congrats babe!
kawen jemput.

amscreamo said...

wanie sori sgt2 sbb tak dpt datang aritu...kerja la time tu.