Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy fathers day

i woke up today (sunday 1230pm) and found out that ayah is not around (keluar mana ntah ari ahad camni).. so since its fathers day today i decided to sms him (nak call malas.. hehe) ...

wanie sent : cop,memula sekali happy fathers day! hehe,pastu balik tolong beli paper. Thank you.

ayah replied : quek

ni apa jenis reply ni? QUEK apa? bahasa itik yang ditranslate kan means THANK U ke? anyone?

owh on the extra note which i just hapdet,this is the pics of the celebration and the gift! i bought him kereta mainan antique.. teeheheh


anak angkat Ayah Wonie.... said...

Since my father has passed away, I still want to wish HaPPY FATHERS DAY'S' to all fathers all around the world. And Happy father Dad to Datuk too.

quek mambo!

zawani said...

hehe,sorry baru nak reply.. tak hapdet pun blog ni. kemalasan tahap maksima