Sunday, August 24, 2008

Convocation Day, PICC 23d August 2008

ok first of all,entri ni mmg stuck kat sini dr 24th August arituh.. tatau kenapa,tapi mcm susah gila nak dapatkan the right word for this entri.. so here it goes :
alhamdullilah akhirnya berjaya jugak convo,it was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre.. kalau tak sbb nak convo i guess i will never step foot here.. tempat cantik sangat.. the hall was great and all.. i was hoping to see everyone - my classmates.. but unfortunately tak semua datang.. tatau laa kenapa.. left were only my good friends.. my friend Iqtaquffie who lost his dear mother to stroke were strong enough to be there.. Takziah to u and ur family Iq..

habis convo mcm biasa,amik gambar and everyone.. yup ALMOST EVERYONE at least has one bouquet of flowers.. well i didn't get one from my parents,it was sad tho'.. but hell,in the end to the dustbin it goes.. (ni cakap org sedih tak dapat bunga).. tup tap tup tap,auntie shamsiah,kiky's dearest mother bought me one bouquet.. aauuww thank u so much auntie.. nak nangis je rasa.. i didn't spent much time lepas habis.. just a few chit chat and hello and congratulations and off i go~


bungaditepijalan said...

nak tgk pic lain..

Aziah said...

congrats dik dah dpt segulung IJAZAH ( KAH KAH KAH ) dalam bab bab komputer technologi kan . kalau tak silap le.

** pas ni, belajar seniri guna excel 2007 kat opis. malas aku nak ajar!

wanie said...

bunga : nnt kita post yang lain k angie..

aziah : hahahha,excel mmg tak lepas.. tapi networking ke C++ ke JAVA ke takpun & PHP alhamdullilah lagi.. wahahahahahahahahahaha.. boleh gila woo kalau pandai itu sumer..