Tuesday, September 2, 2008

From Ery And Aifaa

heyy guys, i know its been quite a while since my last entri. my bad,yeah i know.. i just didn't find anything interesting to talk about.. yeah boring me,boohhoo~ anyways...

last sunday before puasa,my friend ery and aifaa organized "the reunion : its-been-a-while-since-everyone-dapat-lepak-sama" at Tgi Fridays in Pavillion. So yeah it was really good to have everyone,well not everyone was there - Apit,Odey and Shunterd tader.. minus apol sbb dia mmg dah tanak balik Malaysia.. hehehe

We had a really good late lunch.. We ate everything we can,almost everything on the menu kitaorg order,sbb makan sumer lain2 dish dia.. hehe.. tapi yang tabest,masa tgh makan,my stomach buat hal.. sakit cucuk cucuk,maybe sbb minum coke kot.. errkk? we had our pics taken and stuff bla bla bla.. but seriously its been a while jugak laa.. i cudn't even remember when was the last time we had our pics taken ramai2 mcm ni.. and of course the bills - kachinggg~ was paid by ery and aifaa.. aauuuwww.. so sweeeeet~ THANK U DARLINGS!! next,taken from amy = let's have Carls Jr!! heheh

front row from left to right : wawan,meong,ameng,tot & wanie
back row from left to right : epah,fareed,ery,amy & bean

tak sempat amik gambar food sbb sumer org lapar gila.. concentrate kat makanan.. lepas makan,my friend ameng tak boleh tgk langsung dessert let alone rasa.. sbb dia dah terlmapau kenyang and nak muntah.. hehehe

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