Monday, December 29, 2008

2008's leaving and welcome 2009!!

on a personal note :- happy new year to you sayang,i hope we will always be bless with love and happiness for years to come.. insyallah.. happy new year to my family,friends and not forgetting foes.. hihihi..

and also happy new year to you,you,you,you and you and you.. owh ya and you.. *gilaaaa*
c'mon its a NEW YEAR,lets start a NEW LIFE,forget the past (or maybe not).. hihih

and as always,for this coming new year i rather be at home with family or in my room sleeping or just chill out with my friends.. hehehe

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! x0x0wanieandfairuzx0x0

*news update*
malam ni ada BBQ.. huuhhuhu


keanu said...

mudah mudahan..amin.

wanie said...

keanu : amin..

kak yah said...


moga tahun 2009 ini akan memberi seribu sejuta kejayaan untuk kita 'sekeluarga' dan 'secompany'.


wanie said...

kak yah : happy new year too darling.. insyallah,sentiasa mendoakan yang "sekeluarga" dan "secompany".. amin..