Monday, December 22, 2008

i hope you understand

i'm sorry that i've been acting like a total jerk to you lately..
normal people do have their "MOMENTS"..
moments of feeling tense,rimas,sakit hati,down gila babi, on and so forth aa..

hope you know and do understand that i am tired pyshically and mentally..
i will do my best for the preparations.. and as much as i'm trying just to act cool about it,
i just can't.. because deep inside I AM SO EXCITED about this coming new year especially
end of January '09.. so forgive me for my behaviour.. (ye saya sedar perangai saya)

i hope you understand and i'm so sorry CHENTA.. :(


orang khemah.. said...


ada apa end of next January..? tatau apa apa pun..

wanie said...

end of january ada sigit nak dtg malaysia lagi.. huhuhuuhuhu

:p gedik ehhh

keanu said...

i know u look stress lately coz the banyakkan bersabar..

*sememangnya faham dgn keadaan awk skrg.dun worry about me.<3

wanie said...

keanu : thanks,i love u..